24/7/365 Mobile Security Trailer


Defender Security Trailers Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a breakdown of the most asked questions regarding our mobile surveillance trailers. 

Our system process begins with the deployment of our mobile surveillance trailer on-site that is equipped with a combination of high definition PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras and/or thermal cameras, talk-down speaker, strobe lights, and more custom features.

In the setup process, we establish digital boundaries customized on-site, and when movement is detected within these boundaries, protocols specific to each site are promptly activated such as mobile alerts, lights, talk-down speaker automated messaging and more.

Our mobile security trailer surveillance cameras operate around the clock – 24/7 and are monitored by either a live agent or by the customer directly via our user-friendly customer portal on either mobile or desktop application.

Our online portal gives our customers access to real-time video streaming, event notifications, and access to retrieve HD video stored within the cloud. Our complete and  comprehensive system ensures a proactive and responsive approach to virtual security guard services, giving our clients peace of mind and real-time control over their property and job site surveillance.

Defender Security Trailers can ship and deploy one of our Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU)  within one to two weeks. Please note that customized units, bulk orders, and/or further distances, may require additional time to process and ship.

Defender Security Trailers mobile surveillance trailers are designed to be deployed on-site with trailer set, cameras positioned, solar panels arranged, cellular connections established, analytics boundaries drawn, and live streaming video linked to your device – all in under 1 hour.

Yes. If events are triggered through our advanced built-in video analytics system, you are immediately notified.

Our mobile surveillance unit employs its loud talk-down speaker, floodlight, and strobes instantly upon a boundary violation to deter intruders. Meanwhile, the monitoring station can communicate with the intruder in real-time or via a pre-recorded automated message.

Before the mobile surveillance trailer is fully-armed, we set up and configure a contact list that is established to notify people in a set order, such as the company being notified first, with the option to involve law enforcement immediately for fast response.

Our pricing is custom-tailored to each client and is based on the number of mobile surveillance trailer units required, any customizations to the units, and the duration of the contract. All of our units are available for lease, offering convenience to our customers.

Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through various trailer systems and plan options suitable for companies of any size. Take the first step by filling out the form below to connect with our team to learn more.

Our mobile trailer surveillance and monitoring services automate and streamline security for your business, starting with a straightforward onboarding process.

To start, we deploy a mobile surveillance trailer for a one-week test phase, during which we meticulously set up boundaries and ensure the seamless functionality of our system at your job site.

Following this, your team completes an electronic site survey, providing essential details on dispatch protocols, deterrent methods, and key points of contact within the company.

Next, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know in a web conference, offering a thorough training session on the customer portal and the overall system.

Once all components are in place, boundaries are finely tuned, and training is completed, we take charge.

Defender security trailers are equipped with solar power and cellular connection for continuous, automation operation with optional generator. There is a 110v shore line if onsite power is available.

No. Defender Security Trailers has leasing options for both secured and unsecured job sites.